To celebrate this year’s world baking day we recommend baking a bach (or a few) of these delicious drunken Amorgian pies. They get their name from the use of wine in the dough…or perhaps because once you try them, you are under their delicious spell. They are traditional to the Greek culture and always part of most festivals and custom celebrations.

The great aspect of these is that they can be sweet, or you can choose a cheese or spinach filling, or anything you wish really.


300ml/1 glass of olive oil (or vegetable oil)

300ml/1 glass of white wine 

2 tsp of baking powder

1 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

700 g flour 

2 spoons of your favourite liquor for flavour

In a bowl, add the water, the oil, baking powder, sugar, liquor and salt. Mix all together and then add the flour slowly. Mix with your hands until everything is blended together. Leave to rise for a few minutes whilst you prepare the filling mix.


Make small dough balls with your palms, then place them on the table and flatten them;

Add a teaspoon of your favourite jam/marmalade;

Turn over one half of each flat dough ball and close it off (use a fork to seal the edges);

Add all on a tray with baking paper and brush each top with milk or egg;

Add sesame on top;

Bake at 175 C for 30 minutes;

Sprinkle it with icing sugar and serve.

Drunken Amorgian Pies at Aegialis hotel
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