Amorgos island caters for all tastes and types of travellers. Whether you are looking for a quiet spot in nature or a popular beach, there is something for everybody. Here are 6 places to definitely visit when you’re on Amorgos island.


Agia Anna, Amorgos Island

This gorgeous beach made its debut in the famous landmarks of Cyclades when it became the location for the film “Le grande bleu”. Agia Anna is a small beach with clear blue waters and a great atmosphere all around. Situated near the Monastery of Hozoviotissa and close to Chora, you can reach it very easily by car of foot from the centre. In summer, Agia Anna is one of the most visited beaches by travellers but also locals of the island.

Agia Anna beach


Located a quick 10 minutes drive away from Aegialis hotel, you can reach the beautiful small beachy spot at Agios Pavlos. This is a smaller area where you can enjoy a direct view of Nikouria island and enjoy the crystal-clear sea. There is also a small local port from where you can reach Nikouria island (click here for the tender boat experience in Nikouria island)

Agios Pavlos beach


Everybody visiting Amorgos should definitely dedicate some time to visit the capital of the island. Chora is a gorgeous town, with small alleyways and whitewashed houses. Although it is quite small, you can definitely enjoy the authentic Amorgian boutiques and the traditional Cycladic decor. As it is located in the middle between Aegiali and Katapola, if you enjoy walking, you can reach Chora by foot. Taking the hiking tracks to reach the capital can take a while, but the experience is definitely unique. Otherwise, you can rent a car or catch the local bus.

Chora, Amorgos island
Main street in Chora
Small street in Chora
Chora, Amorogs island



If you are up for a small day trip, Asfondiltis is the perfect little village to enjoy. It has no inhabitants but there is plenty of nature and green fields around. Reaching Asfondilitis by foot is easy. There are direct hiking trails from Aegiali or from the other part of the island. You can simply enjoy the engraved rocks art and the peaceful, relaxing atmosohere of Asfondilitis.

View from Asfondilitis


Although located away from everything else, Kalotirisia is definitely worth the trip. This golden sandy beach is gorgeous and has plenty of space. Only a short trip away from here you can reach the famous shipwreck, which was also featured in the Luc Besson movie, “Le grande bleu”.

Kalotirisia beach
Shipwreck, Amorgos island


Tholaria is a traditional village, located about 5 minutes drive from Aegialis hotel. Visiting Tholaria is the perfect way to learn about the Amorgian way of life and meet the locals. Here you can enjoy some epic views of the sea and Aegiali Bay, but also taste locally made cheese, sweets and other traditonal Amorgian cuisine. You can also visit the Amorgian house, one of the oldest buildings in the village which has kept its interior the same as it was, with all its traditional decorations and furniture.

Tholaria Square
Traditional Cycladic arch in Tholaria
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