Olive Picking on Amorgos

Olive picking One of the most important products on Amorgos is the oil. Even in very hard  times, having oil, was enough to survive, as nature provided wild greens for boiled salad, and the sea offered plenty of fish. Oil, being the base for the Mediterranean diet, has proved to be the most important substance for it. Olive trees can grow and survive in hard climate circumstances, just with the sun, and the rain water, which  they absorb during winter rains.

The landscape on Amorgos is full of terraces, supported by dry stone walls, standing untouched for hundreds of years, to keep the soil from running water, and maintain humidity underground..All families on Amorgos, own some olive groves, which produce enough oil for their needs for the whole year. November is the period of harvesting the olive trees, and it is like a big festival for all the locals, who happily spread all over the valleys, the meadows, and the slopes of the island, for the olive picking. Songs and jokes are heard all around, and nice meals are served under the olive trees during their breaks.

In old times, the small village of Tholaria, with just 150 inhabitants, had 5 olive Presses, as everything was done by hand, and it took a lot of time. Nowadays, modern presses can handle big quantities fast and easily.
Olive harvesting period is a great time to visit and experience Amorgos, and a unique opportunity to see and participate in this agricultural festival of the island, taking back home a good supply of fresh organic oil as a reward.!

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