Why Amorgos island is a hot destination for hiking

Connect with the wild nature of Amorgos and discover the peace of the mountains and the scenic sea views

Every year, Amorgos island welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world to enjoy their vacations in the sunshine. Those who visit the island for the first time almost always return and it’s not hard to understand why. Amorgos provides a peaceful sanctuary for people who wish to getaway, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the Greek sun. And although the island is famous for its yoga culture, Amorgos also attracts hiking enthusiasts. With many hiking trails to choose from, the island offers a unique kind of energy, bringing people in contact with its beautiful untouched nature.

Famous for being one of the locations for the movie, The Big Blue, Amorgos is also the ideal place for all walking tours wanting to explore an island that is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and epic trails. As you begin your journey from the Aegiali shores and continue to climb further up, you can really feel a shift in the energy. The tall mountains of the island hold a peacefulness to them and provide an earthy, grounding feeling. You will always have the sea as your main view from the top, and also spot different islands in nearby locations such as Naxos and Danousa and many other neighbouring ones.

During your hiking travels, you will most likely come across goats and their little sheds built by the locals out of rocks to provide them with a little shelter. Sheep are also around and you may even sight some friendly donkeys chilling out in their natural habitat. And of course, lizards are almost everywhere so you will see all kinds of them running around.

A very popular hiking choice for many walking enthusiasts is the village tour. In Aegiali, there are two main villages where the locals are known for their welcoming hospitality and traditional ways. Here you can sight old chapels, tavernas and authentic Greek architecture, with picturesque views of the traditional white houses with colourful doors and windows. Tholaria and Langada (the two villages) are popular destinations for traditional celebrations of the island and on some specific dates of the year, locals from the whole island gather here to share food, raki (of course) and cultural Greek dancing. This walking track can take up to 3-4 hours, depending on your pace, but you will no doubt want to stop throughout your walking journey and take some amazing photos to remind you of this amazing experience. Groups love this path because it combines an abundance of cultural knowledge and stunning landscape. Some spots are perfect for a little picnic break, relax your legs and maybe do some meditation.

For those who love the sea, there are some hiking trails which you can take and walk near the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean sea. These can be done starting from either Aegiali or Katapola. Learn more about other paths here.

Let’s not forget about one of the most beautiful monuments you will come across in the Cyclades, the Monastery of Hozoviotissa. Located at 300 m above sea level and built in the mountains, you will have to climb about 300 small stairs to reach to this stunning Byzantine church. For those experienced hikers who wish to take a longer journey through the mountains and reach the monastery, this track is approximately 4-5 hours long, depending on your pace. It is a stunning walk to take, a truly beautiful spiritual experience. In this trail, you will also come across some old wind mills and a lovely small village called Asfontilitis which is known for its specific art carved on rocks. Back in the days, there was a man living there, who created these artistic carvings and expressed a beautiful story on rocks. It is truly a fascinating little village with a small church and serene vibes.

Walking groups who wish to embark on an adventure in Amorgos, can contact us and we can organise your stay, accommodating your group and help you plan your hiking adventures with a guide tour. Amorgos is a place of peace, natural beauty and hope. Although visited by many tourists every year, Amorgos island kept its authenticity which is one of the many aspects that makes this Greek hidden gem a must visit place.



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