The tender-boat adventure in Amorgos

Embark on a unique adventure and discover the fun of the Aegean Sea.

In Amorgos you can be sure you will be living the beach life to the max, after all isn’t that what escaping to a beautiful island is all about… Whether it is that you are looking for a relaxing experience, or a little adrenaline rush, the tender-boat activity combines the two and creates a nice balance. With over 15 stunning beaches to choose from and the abundant waters of the Aegean sea, it’s no wonder that Amorgos is known for fun water adventures such as boat day trips, snorkelling, diving etc.

The tender boat adventure is a fun activity brought to you by the Aegialis hotel & spa team for everybody who wants to be on the water and enjoy the sunshine from the sea. An awesome 4-hour sea-escape, to a quiet part on Nikouria beach, this is popular activity for the yoga groups holding their retreats here and an ideal group experience to share some great memories together. Cruise on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean and if you are feeling adventurous enough, you can take the wheel and learn how to drive the tender-boat yourself. Yes that’s right, you get to feel what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat of these fun boats. Of course, there is an experienced captain on board who will make sure safety comes first.


Located in the near surroundings of the Aegiali port and the beautiful Agios Pavlos beach, Nikouria is a small beach tucked away from all noise and busy vibes. Due to its positioning, Nikouria beach almost always has calm water and it offers more privacy than some of the other popular sandy shores of Amorgos. The only way to reach this spot at Nikouria beach is by boat, taking a short trip from Aegiali or the port of Agios Pavlos.



For those who wish to relax and escape to a quiet beach, the tender-boat activity is ideal. This experience will take you to one of the smaller and quieter beaches of Nikouria beach, a little sandy gem hidden away from all the buzz. Here you can immerse yourself in the tranquil vibes of the island where you will be surrounded by the beautiful nature and peaceful echoes of the Amorgian breeze. The beach area will be arranged in style of course, set for your comfort in the sun. There is a small dock, perfect for some group yoga poses with some amazing views, ideal for photos to remind you of this beautiful experience. There are sun beds here waiting for you so you can relax, rejuvenate and take in the sun rays; and a mini bar area with drinks, music and a friendly bartender who will prepare all those yummy, summery beverages. Lunch will also be provided consisting of delicious gourmet pizzas, the famous Greek salad, fruits and some yummy desert specific to Greece.



The tender-boat adventure begins as soon as you step foot in it. Ride the waves of the sea and explore the serene vibes of Amorgos, cruising around Nikouria. The Aegean sea is known for its sparkly clear waters, and a favourite for those who love to be in the sea. You can take the wheel and learn how to drive the tender-boat, with the assistance of an experienced captain of course. You will be taken to some pretty epic spots where you can climb up on rocks and jump into the lucid, refreshing waters of the sea. As safety is always first on the list, life jackets are available on board each tender-boat.



If you’re looking to dive in and connect with the sea life of the Aegean sea, you’re in luck! The tender-boat adventure includes snorkelling equipment and available for all those eager to explore life beneath the sea surface. The captains will drive you to beautiful spots where the water is clear and sparkly where you can jump in, swim in the sea or enjoy snorkelling. Although we cannot guarantee the type of fish you’ll meet down under, we know you will totally enjoy this experience.


Are you ready to explore the Aegean Sea in all its beauty the Amorgos way? You can enquire about this activity by contacting us here 

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