What is acro-yoga? Interview with international acro yoga teacher Kris Pace

As acro yoga is starting to become more popular, we spoke with US based, international acro yoga teacher Kris Pace about this type of yoga practice and got all details on it.

What is acro yoga?

K.P. Acro is short for Acrobatics and through the combo of teaching yoga and yoga asanas, combining those two practices allows people to experience yoga shapes while being balanced and suspended from in a partner workout.

Photo Credit: Kris Pace (at Aegialis Hotel & Spa)

How did you get into it?

K.P. I found Acro a practice that I could build on and that created more opportunities to open my body and become stronger. It was through a photoshoot in 2013 that I did and it was then I discovered the practice; then I began to look into it and how I could incorporate it into my own life.

Photo credit: Kris Pace

What are some of the main differences between the classic hatha yoga and acro yoga?

K.P. The main difference between Yoga and Acro is a simple difference of a personal practice and something you share with a partner. All forms of yoga are individual whereas Acro is something you must work with someone else on!

Who can practice acro yoga?

K.P. Anyone who is healthy and is ready for new challenges can practice Acro. It is not more difficult than any other practice, it only requires patience and practice.


As an acro yoga teacher, what are some of the most challenging aspects of it for your students in the beginning?

K.P. Teaching Acro is something that has been so much fun for me. Creating a platform for people to play and enjoy each other’s company in a healthy and building way has always been appealing to me. In my mind, we all need to touch and share connection more in our lives and Acro provides that platform and arena.

Photo credit Kris Pace;  Kris & his acro partner Susie.

How important is it to have a partner in the acro yoga practice?

K.P. It is essential to have a partner to work with as all Acro is partner based. Having a designated partner can make it easier for consistency sake, however the fun is in playing with as many people as possible.


Acro yoga can seem intimidating at first for many. Why do you think that is and do you think anybody can start practicing acro yoga?

K.P. I believe that we all are held back by our fear and just as anything in life, once we overcome that fear, we are rewarded with amazing experiences! Acro is no different. People tend to be afraid of anything that haven’t done before. It’s not scary! It’s the most fun you can have for free!


How does it affect the mind and emotional self?

K.P. Acro is empowering! It allows you to feel trust and free. Flying the body is a fun and exciting way to be involved in any activity, you must allow yourself to be free to fly!


Photo credit: Kris Pace; Kris and his acro partner Sussie

What advice do you have for those people who want to start practicing acro yoga?

K.P. Find a community and go play! The Acro world is full of fun, talented, loving people and they are excited to play with you! Go and join in the fun and experience something new!


Kris Pace is an international yoga teacher, specialised in acro yoga and inversion practice. You can find Kris on Insta @kristopherpace

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