The 4 seasons in Amorgos – Planning your trip according to your vacation preference

Whether you have visited Amorgos island before or are planning to do so for the first time, it’s always good to know what each season is like. Why? Because over the years we have welcomed thousands of people from all over the world with different needs for their holidays so it’s important to have this information. The island of course is beautiful to visit every time of the year but depending on what you are seeking from your vacation, we thought this might help you in making the right decision for your travels here.



Starting from March, all the way to the end of May, this is the spring season in Amorgos. Also known as the start of the vegetation season, this is a lovely time of the year when the fields turn green and the flowers start to blossom. The sunshine is present of course, but there’s still a lovely cool breeze to keep you refreshed. This time of the year is quieter than summer, but still a popular period for those looking to relax and escape away to a sunny magical island. The water is lovely and the sea temperature is just right. The tavernas begin to open again and there are plenty of choices for wining and dinning with a sea view. The number of ferries coming to the island starts to increase as we approach the mid-later part of the spring season.



June, July, August are the months of summer here and this is also considered the peak season. The weather temperatures can reach highs to 40 degrees, so plenty of sunscreen is required for your skin and also water to keep hydrated. It is the time when most tourists decide to come and have their vacation here and there are more ferries to choose from. Many Greek residents love Amorgos as their summer escape from the busy lifestyle in Athens or other big cities; so they come here with their families to relax and explore the island. During the summer days, the island is at its busiest, with a lovely overall atmosphere. At night time, the tavernas are full of people enjoying the delicious Greek cuisine and some traditional Greek music. Some night clubs are open until the early hours, offering those who want to party, good music and delicious cocktails. The beach bars also stay open until early hours, so you can enjoy a great night out with friends and welcome the new day by watching the sunrise on the beach front of Aegiali Bay.



Fall in Amorgos island is beautiful and the weather varies from September, to October and November. September is usually still quite hot with the sun out most days. The water temperature is still fairly warm. As October approaches, the breeze can get cooler, and sometimes it can even rain; although don’t expect heavy storms as this happens very rarely. During this month, some tavernas begin to close as the peak season comes to an end. But there are still tourists who prefer traveling here in October because it’s a little bit quieter and the weather is perfect for hiking adventures and sightseeing as it is not busy. November is usually the quietest out of the three in the autumn season, but it provides an oasis for those who simply want to come and relax, read, write, do yoga and connect with the beautiful nature of the island. The number of ferries coming to the island during the later parts of autumn decreases as the number of tourists drops.



December, January and February, the three winter months are generally the quietest. The weather temperature can reach lows up to 10 degrees C, but the sunshine usually still comes out. Although you will definitely need warmer clothes during this time. Some locals still swim in the sea, even though it can be quite chilly. Most tavernas and coffee shops are closed by now, providing the local owners of these businesses with some peace and quiet time after a busy year of generous hospitality and hard work and before another one begins. Aegialis Hotel & Spa however remains open throughout the year and still welcomes tourists during this later quarter of the year. Some yoga groups actually prefer this period for their yoga retreats or teacher training programs here as the island is very quiet, which means they can relax and practice meditation and yoga in the comforting silence of the wild nature. Artists also love these quieter months as they can come and find inspiration in the nature without being distracted by any noise, becoming inspired by nature’s mood of winter.


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