5 interesting facts about Amorgos

“Amorgos is tranquillity, natural beauty and the simplicity of life

which brings that zest for living. “

As the easternmost island of the Cyclades, Amorgos is an inspiring holiday and retreat destination with plenty of nice spots, adventurous trails and epic beaches. Its cultural heritage has an abundant history and traditional customs. Even to this day, locals keep true to their traditions and celebrate in true Greek style. Although becoming more popular every year with tourists from all over the world, Amorgos still remains authentic, a unique hidden gem with untouched, wild like nature and amazing panoramic landscape. Get to know the island better with these 5 interesting facts…


Amorgos is known in Europe and around the world for its impressive hiking paths. The island has a beautiful mountainous landscape which provides the hiking enthusiasts with many options of exploring the island by foot. There are over 10 different trails that are known around the island. Most of these include walking through villages, some popular and still inhabited, others unpopulated but kept to their authenticity. One of the best aspects about hiking here is that there is no wildlife that could harm you. During your adventures however, you will come across many lizards, lots of goats, sheep and some donkeys of course. There are even snakes in the island also, but they are no venomous and locals call them friendly snakes (however we wouldn’t advise you to attempt to make friends with one).


Many tourists who come here first notice the beautiful contrast of the white painted houses with vibrant coloured doors and windows. It is a tradition in most Cycladic islands. The Amorgos locals take pride in their island and respect one another and this means they keep the tradition of the uniform houses. Whilst they can choose what colour they paint the doors, the exterior of their houses must remain white. It is an unwritten rule, but should one choose to rebel and paint their house a different colour, they will have the whole island to answer to. So the island stays true to its heritage and its distinctive look.


And the only traffic is caused by the goats chilling out in the middle of the highway….

Amorgos is a fairly small island of 121.5 km² with a population of about 1800 people. The two main areas here are Katapola and Aegiali Bay with Chora, the town centre in between the two. To make things nice and easy, there is only one main road connecting the two sides of the island. So even if you think you are lost, just look for the sea and the main road, and you’ll be back on track in no time.  Transportation around the island is accessible and you can rent a car, scooter or an AV, just be sure that you have an internationally recognised license. Traveling to Amorgos can only be done by boat, but both Aegiali and Katapola have their own ports.


Religion is important to the Greek culture and in Amorgos locals are devoted to their Greek orthodox faith. The island has over 350 churches all around. There is almost one for every day of the year (metaphorically speaking of course). Most chapels are dedicated to a Saint, and during cultural traditions, locals gather to that specific chapel for a name day or celebration belonging to that saint. Chora, which is the town centre of the island, has over 40 churches. Some are tiny, some are bigger, but each one comes with an important significance to the Amorgos residents and they try to maintain their foundations as best they can. Every Sunday, the Amorgian people gather to their local church to take part in the service, share food, a glass of raki and come together as a community. Churches here are also used for weddings, baptisms and other traditional customs.


Amorgos locals are a tight knit community who are supportive of one another. Unlike other bigger, more populated Greek islands, Amorgos is still in many ways a fairly quiet place even in the peak season months. The island is very safe and the only time police is involved is usually when a local will phone them to complain about another man’s goats invading their property. The island has a beautiful peaceful vibe and the locals often sit together at the local taverna, catching up on their daily doings and enjoying a freddo espresso or a glass of raki. If you are a tourist who is lost or cannot find your way back to your hotel, asking a local is the best thing to do. Most of them, if not all are kind and can speak English enough to understand and show you the way back. And if they don’t know, they will ask another local to help you.


Ok this one is not really a fact, but it is something that made the list. Amorgos island is one of the top European destinations for yoga. Over the years, yoga enthusiasts from all over the world are drawn to the nourishing energy and peaceful vibes of the island. As Amorgos grows in popularity in tourism, it also continues to expand into a space ideal for yoga and meditation retreats. The atmosphere of Amorgos is very relaxed and its simplicity creates a cleansing effect on the mind, body and soul, making it a perfect yoga destination and a must for those who wish to explore a spiritual experience and special connection with the self, the nature and all that is around.

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