3 activities in Amorgos island everyone should do when visiting

If you have already booked your dream Amorgian getaway, you are in for a pleasant surprise as exciting activities in Amorgos await. The island is known for its powerful healing energy and wild nature. The beaches are amazing and inviting you to dip into the crystal-clear Aegean Sea. And the whole vibe of the island provides a relaxing atmosphere. Whilst there are so many experiences you can be part of, here are 3 activities that everybody visiting should definitely experience.


Monastery of Hozoviotissa in Amorgos

Guided island tour

By far one of the most unique experiences on the island is a visit to the Monastery or Hozoviotissa. Located nearby the famous Agia Anna beach, this important Greek monument has great historical significance to the country as it is the second ever built church in Greece. Built 300m above sea level, the upward journey to the actual landmark, provides a peaceful walk with breathtaking views of the Big Blue.


Hiking group in Amorgos island


Of course, hiking made the top 3 activities on the island. Famous for its paths and walking trails, Amorgos provides an ideal platform for all mountain walking adventure seekers. Experience the Amorgian energy all the way in the mountains, where the air is fresh and you are surrounded by nature. The paths are easy to find and clearly marked. And whilst there is no dangerous wild life, you will come across goats, donkeys and lots of lizards.


Cooking class at Aegialis

Greek cooking class

Greeks love to eat and they know all the good stuff. Famous all over the world, the Greek cuisine is all about Mediterranean flavours and lots of delicious pastries. The cooking class is an amazing experience to have as a group and you will learn to make plenty of traditional authentic foods. Think of the spinach and cheese pies, the tiganites, tzatziki and more. The cooking class take place at Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant, part of Aegialis Hotel & Spa, all with direct views to the sea.


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