Why you should visit Amorgos at Easter

If you’re wondering what to do for your Easter break, Amorgos island is always a good choice. As a popular destination for the yearly event, Easter very important in Greece and it has great cultural significance. Traditional customs dating back as far as the byzantine period and passed on from generation to generation are still honoured on the island. Tourists are welcomed by the locals to join in and take part, making you feel right at home so this is a great time to visit and experience these unique customs.

From the food to the rituals of the island, and religious customs, this is a unique experience and a magical time for anybody who is interested in taking part of something different and special.

Welcoming Spring

Around Easter time, the sun starts to shine brighter and the weather begins to get a little warmer. The blooming season in Amorgos is a special time to visit the island. Hiking around the island is like walking through a fairy tale sight. With green fields and colourful flowers, this is truly one of the most refreshing experiences and an opportunity to connect with the wild nature. Another great reason to love spring time here is because of the many herbs blooming at this time. Amorgos is famous for hundreds of herbs and plants used for their properties in cooking, therapeutically or medicinally. You can even visit the local distillery in Tholaria to learn all about the process of making essential oils.


Lazarakia Cookies & Other traditional foods

Greece is known for its delicious desserts and abundant tastes when it comes to cuisine. During Easter time, there is an abundance of traditional dishes including main meals and specific Greek desserts. Lazarakia cookies are the most popular desserts during this period, and they are semi sweet cookies made in human shape. The name comes from Lazarus, known as one of the beloved friends of Christ. The resurrection of Lazaurus was like a sign of the upcoming resurrection of Christ so the cookies are baked the weekend before the Holy Week however they are consumed throughout the entire Easter period. Other traditional Easter foods include the sweet Easter bread called tsoureki and the famous dyed eggs, which are boiled and then painted red.


Easter weekend activities

Easter in Amorgos

On Good Friday, in the evening the people of the island gather at their local church for the Epitah pass. with burning sage and oregano scents around. The quaint cobblestone streets are decorated with candles, and the flames light up the villages with a serene mood. People walk in the mountains and hike around their local mountainous areas.

Saturday night is a time of celebration and honouring the coming back to life of Jesus Christ. During the day, locals gather at their local church for mass. And at midnight, when the celebration begins, the locals come together in their villages and share a big feast together to celebrate. Fireworks displays happen everywhere and to announce the beginning of the festivities. Sunday is a day spent together, organising games for the young people and then the watching of Judas in Kato Meria. At night time, the singing and celebrations continue in Chora, the capital of Amorgos.


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