The Greek traditional house experience: a unique activity for all visitors of the island

We invite you to experience the true Greek hospitality in a traditional Greek house from the 1800’s in Amorgos island. Located at the top of the hill in the beautiful village of Tholaria, the “Lala’s” house, is one of the oldest in the village. Built in traditional Cycladic style, with whitewashed walls and blue window shields and doors, the Lala’s residence is a must see for all visitors of the island.


The unique experience begins with a stroll through Tholaria, a lovely village located about 5 km away from Aegialis hotel. Surrounded by the mountainous landscape of the island, you will no doubt enjoy with breathtaking views of the Aegean sea and Aegiali Bay. Tholaria is paved with quaint cobblestone streets, traditional tavernas, friendly locals and with plenty of magenta Boungainvillea. With just under 150 residents, Tholaria has a lively atmosphere and relaxed vibes. 


As you arrive at the “Lala’s” house, you will be greeted in true Greek style with a shot of rakki and a traditional sweet. They used to serve preserved fruits because back then there was not an opportunity to bake or prepare as easy as we do now. 

Exploring the house will take you back in time, to when there was no electricity and cooking was made in the Greek wood oven. As you walk around the house and see all the rooms,  you can really feel just how the family here lived. Many of their personal belongings are still there and the walls are dressed in old black and white images of the families who resided here. This activity is also an opportunity to discover the architectural structure of the house and explore the famous Greek wood oven area, also known as furnos. This was an important part of every traditional household, used for baking homemade bread, drying nuts, cooking meats and preparing rusks.

You will then visit the cellar part of the house, located under the main floor. Although they are commonly known for storing wine, the cellars in the traditional Greek homes came with many uses some being for storing tools, olive oil, rusks, cheese, potatoes and of course barrels of wine.. It is also here where they had the space to melt the stone which was used for painting the outside of their houses. Built with stone walls and traditional wood ceiling, the cellar is a cooling place that truly takes you back to those times. 



Amorgos island is known for the hundreds of herbs and plants growing here every year. These were and continue to be used for their properties in cooking, therapeutically or medicinally. Part of the traditional house includes a distillery section. Here you can see and learn how essential oils are made. It is a fascinating and unique experience, and a very popular one.

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