What autumn on Amorgos looks like

September marks the beginning of autumn, yet this month is the ideal period for your holidays in Greece and Amorgos, since the weather is much warmer than most other places in Europe. Hot August days are gone and slightly cooler temperatures make the perfect backdrop for your water sports activities and other autumnal escapades to the Greek islands. If you are a travel addict, then Amorgos is the right choice for you!

Autumn in Amorgos means:

Aegiali, Amorgos island

Blue skies and clear blue waters to enjoy journeys and relaxed moments on the beaches of the island, with a desire to explore and swim in their sapphire waters.

Trying out sweet traditional temptations on the picturesque villages of Aegiali, Chora and Kato Meria.

Travelling back in history at the Archaeological Museum of Chora, the Hellenistic Tower of Agia Triada in Arkesini ,and the Ancient Minoa City above Katapola port.

Chora Amorgos island
Chora, Amorgos island

Enjoying the flavourful fiesta of the Taste of Amorgos Festival with traditional Xerotigana and folklore dancers.


Getting close to nature and preparing for the Amorgos Trail Challenge.

Taking part in the Amorgos Short Film Festival in November.

Amorgos tourism film festival
Amorgos tourism film festival trophies

Walking the historical trails of the island, exploring all the aromatic and
therapeutic herbs growing all around.

Hiking trails Amorgos island
Hiking trails in Amorgos island

Diving in the turquoise waters of the island around the Olympia Ship Wreck.

Olympia Shipwreck Amorgos Island
Olympia Shipwreck in Amorgos Island
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