Villages of Amorgos

Amorgos has many beautiful aspects to it and we have to mention the cute villages. Aside from Aegiali, Katapola and Chora which are the most popular, there are smaller villages which are totally worth seeing. Each one has the lovely Cycladic architecture with white houses and colourful windows and doors. Surrounded by mountains, beautiful beaches or the wild nature of Amorgos, most of the villages are close by the hiking trails which means you can enjoy some nice walking as well as village seeing.


Surrounded by the highest mountains on the island, Langada is one of the bigger villages in Amorgos. Here you can wander around the whitewashed alleyways, admiring the traditional Cycladic architecture. Throughout the village you will find different cafes and tavernas, serving traditional Greek food, great coffee and raki of course. Panagia Epanochoriani is a beautiful church located nearby Langada. Every year on August 15th, locals gather for one of the biggest Amorgian events of the year, celebrating the feast of Panagia Epanochoriani, an event with free food and wine. This continue all the way in Langada where the celebration keeps going.


Small and very traditional, Tholaria is truly a lovely little village to visit. In summer time, this Tholaria lights up with plenty of atmosphere and tourists visiting, enjoying the delicious Greek cuisine and cafes. In the peak season evenings, the tavernas will often have live entertainment such as Greek singing or dancing, inviting the tourists to join in their traditional celebrations. Tholaria also has a lovely church in the centre of the village, where many locals gather of Sundays or for cultural celebrations. Hiking to Tholaria from Aegialis takes around 30-45 minutes on one of the walking paths. Apart from its quaint beauty, visiting this lovely village will also provide you with some amazing views of Aegiali Bay.


Situated on the hills of Aegiali Bay, Potamos is a cute village that offers a wonderful sea view and a good spot to enjoy the overlooking Aegiali. It is not as popular as the other two during peak season, so Potamos makes for a lovely place of relaxation and steep walks away from all the noise and the centre of Aegiali. The village is split into two parts, the top part and the lower part Potamos. The first one is closer to the hiking trail  going towards Chora and the latter is closer to the Aegiali port.


Kamari is a cute small village with stone houses and white washed alleyways. It is located next to Mourous beach, one of the most popular beaches of the summer season in Amorgos. Approximately 45 people live in Kamari so it has a close community and very peaceful atmosphere.


Located in between Aegiali and Chora, this very small village is a lovely place to see. Known for its carvings in the rocks, Asfondilitis is now an uninhabited village with many goats however, lovely views and a small chapel. There are some houses there still which are used by those who come to work on the land. Asfondilitis is situated on the way to Chora from Aegiali Bay, and access is done via foot or by car. Hikers who walk the trail towards Chora will pass through Asfondilitis and it is a nice adventurous experience. The carvings on the rocks were made about 100 years ago, by a man who was living in this village.


Kalofana is a small village with a very small number of residents. It is an agricultural village also known for its local church, Agia Paraskevi. Every year, towards the end of July, people from all over the world gather to this church for one of the most popular religious events of the Cyclades region. Here they celebrate by sharing food, drinks, traditional Greek customs and music. Kalofana is located to the south of Chora and about 30 km away from Aegiali Bay.

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