Everything you need to know about Aegiali Bay

Aegiali is located in the northeast part of Amorgos island, where Aegialis Hotel & Spa is situated. Aegiali Bay has three beautiful villages around it, Tholaria, Langada and Potamos. The hiking trails around this part of the island will take you through at least one of them, and there is a great hiking path which starts in Aegiali, going through Tholaria and then finishing at Langada. Click here to see more hiking trails information.


Aegiali Bay has its own port and there are many fishing boats which are parked here during the busy days of the year. The port is located in the main centre of Aegiali. Just up from the port you will find a block of cafes and bars which all give you with a splendid sea view. Aegiali also has many choices of restaurants, suited for all dietary requirements and of course, a souvlaki shop, which is a traditional Greek meat dish. As you continue to walk in the centre of Aegiali, you will also find two mini markets which have a variety of products, also selling fresh produce, meats and cheeses. You can also find a Blue Star shop there in case you need to buy or change ferry tickets.

Aegiali port

For souvenirs, there are three Amorgian authentic shops in Aegiali (although you will find plenty more in Chora and Katapola). Two of them sell most things that are from Amorgos such as small souvenirs, post cards, authentic jewellery and handmade accessories. And there is the Amorgian shop which sells mostly alcoholic beverages made in the island as well as herbs and spices for cooking. You will definitely find bottles and gift packs of psimeni raki, which is an Amorgian type raki (traditional Greek liquor) made with herbs, spices and honey. You will also find Amorgian wine made in the island, at the local vineyard, not far from Katapola. In all three shops, you are likely to find Greek skin care range made with olive oil or something else authentic to the country.


Aegiali Bay has one main beach front where you will be able to find many tavernas, beach clubs and day beach bars. The atmosphere is great here during the busy peak season, with the beach having lots of people on it and a great sunny spot for sunbathing and swimming. There are other beaches in Aegiali, which are a little bit more private and smaller, such as Levrossos and Psili Ammos, both being a short walk from Aegialis Hotel & Spa. Aside from the main hiking trails, Aegiali is a lovely bay to get around by foot enjoying the majestic sea views and beautiful natural surroundings of this part of the island.


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