The Bougainvillea flower

Have you ever wondered what those beautiful, bright pink or red flowers are you see everywhere in the Greek islands? They are literally everywhere and they are so gorgeous. These are Bougainvillea, a flower traditionally native to South America and the Caribbean islands. Now they are found almost anywhere with very warm climate, particularly in Greece, Australia, California and others. They love hot weather hence why they are so prominent all over Greece during the peak summer months.

Known as vukamvilla on the Greek turf, these beautiful flowers can grow up to 40 ft tall. They spread out very quickly so you will often see their vines curled all around the house fences. They look great and smell beautiful. Although they might give a different impression, the flower is actually white in color; it is its leaves that are of bright color. This is because of their magenta bract, hence why you will more often see them in bright pink, purple and red colours.

Vukamvilla are a wonderful natural decor around the island and they definitely add something special to your vacation photos. Aside from their ornamental use however, these beautiful flowers also have special meanings all around the world. For example, in Hawaii, some natives use them to make leis and celebrate special occasion celebrations. In other parts of the world, the bougainvillea flower means protection and spiritual connection, whilst others see it as a symbol of peace. Other celebrated meanings are abundance, prosperity and passion for relationships.

Be sure to take some photos with the beautiful bougainvillea vines next time you are in Amorgos. You will find these all around the island.

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