Relax and pamper at Aegialis- Luxuriate in these lovely spa facilities

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Amorgos island is a great choice for everybody who loves the nature and the authentic Greek culture. With gorgeous sunsets and stunning beaches, Amorgos offers tranquillity, adventure and an overall great atmosphere for all its visitors.

The Lalon Idor spa complex is an oasis for luxurious pampering and relaxation to the max. Located on the adjacent part of the Aegialis hotel premises, the spa complex is a beautiful space for all guests of the hotel to enjoy complimentary facilities and choose from the paid body and beauty treatments available.


Detox your body and relax your muscles in the sauna. The history of the sauna is quite interesting. It is known that it was first developed in Northern Europe, more specifically in Finland, where each house had a sauna. It’s a clever invention considering the drop of the temperature during winter, which it was the peak time for them to us the saunas; it’s no wonder the Finnish thought of it! By throwing water on hot stones, the they noticed the increased temperature which came from, ideal for those freezing cold winter days. Temperatures for the sauna generally vary between 90-100 degree C. During a sauna session, the body releases toxins through sweat and by opening the pores. Although it is very hot whilst in the sauna, once you come out it you will most likely feel more energised and fresh.


The Hammam room is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Originally the hammam has Turksh and Arabic roots, where this traditional bath was considered to be a social gathering as well as relaxing social experience. Now days, hammam baths are still very popular and there are different types. Some include a ritual of soaking the body in hot water whilst covered with a traditional white cloth; a massage, exfoliation with a special soap and skin polishing technique, and then finally detoxing the body in the hammam hot room. At Aegialis hotel & spa we offer the hammam hot room as complimentary use for all our guests. We also use herbs in it to help nourish and release more toxins from the skin. The hammam is an overall wonderful and unique experience that will no doubt leave you feeling more relaxed and free your body from toxins.


Did you know that the term Jacuzzi comes from the name of the two brothers who invented the hydrotherapy jet? In 1968, the first pool with the hydrotherapy jets was created and the rest is history. Soaking in the Jacuzzi is a nice way to relax and give your muscles some TLC. The benefits of soaking in the hot tub Jacuzzi are endless, some of these being improved blood circulation, muscles relaxation and it helps with arthritis. The pressure of the jets stimulates the muscles and they act as a pain relief, particularly for lower back pain or any joint, muscle or bone physical pain. The hydrotherapy jet hot tub has a calming effect on the mind and helps release symptoms of stress, anxiety and insomnia. The jacuzzi tub is set near the indoor pool, in an area of its own with sunbeds and small tables, perfect for a lay down afterwards. There are also lit candles and incense sticks to provide the overall ambience into a relaxing moment for you. So sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Indoor pool

The Lalon Idor indoor pool is known for its beautiful design and you’ll see it on Instagram as a very photographed area of the hotel. Take a dip in this salt water indoor pool, feeling refreshed and energised. The pool is located in between the sauna, hammam and the Jacuzzi area. It is the centre piece of all facilities and a great way to start your morning or refresh yourself after a day out on the beach.

Hair salon

If you’re feeling like a hair do change or are in need of a haircut during your holidays we’ve got good news for you! The Hairy Tales hair salon is located at the Aegialis Hotel & Spa premises, just above the Lalon Idor Spa complex. With over 20 years of experience as a hair dresser, Catherina and her team welcome all guests to have their hair done during their stay at Aegialis. The salon offers women’s, men’s and children’s haircuts as well as hair styling services and special occasion do’s such as bridal hairstyles. Bookings can be made by speaking with our front desk team or anybody from the spa complex.

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