15 yoga moments that show Amorgos Island is the ideal yoga destination

Amorgos island is known for many things when it comes to wellness, such as its famous range of herbs and spices, teas and essential oils native to the island, the hiking trails which attract many mountain walking travellers and the international diving competition. But one of the top is definitely its popularity amongst the global yoga community. Every year, thousands of yoga enthusiasts arrive here for their wellness retreats to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the unique sights of The Big Blue. Whilst there are hundreds of beautiful yoga moments from here captured on camera all over social media, we’re sharing these 15 to give you a sneak peak of the island when it comes to yoga and meditation.

credit : @bohobeautiful

Known for its high terrestrial magnetism, Amorgos island sparkles with good energy all around. You will definitely notice its raw and unfiltered beauty and the magical sea views from pretty much everywhere.

credit: @selenagarefino

The Amorgian sunsets are definitely a moment to experience. You can practice yoga on the main rooftop at Aegialis, under the golden light of the majestic sun. What a treat!

credit: @miriamindries

The stillness of the island is like nowhere else. It’s quiet, it’s calm and you’ll feel truly inspired to be still, to enjoy the present moment and let yourself get carried away in it.

credit @becaathornewellness

You can practice Aerial yoga surrounded by the elegant Cycladic Decor of Lalon Idor Spa. And you can also pamper yourself with the sauna, hammam, jacuzzi or maybe take a dip in the indoor sea water pool.

credit @carloguragna

Connect with the peaceful breeze and practice whilst overlooking Nikouria island.

credit @tatianayoga

In Amorgos, you can always find a place of quiet, a moment to enjoy just for yourself. Although there are many travellers every year visiting the island, there is always space you can have to yourself either on one of the more private beaches or in other picturesque spots.

credit @aria.official & @yogawithgus

Known as “The Big Blue” Amorgos gets this name partly from being the location of the film “Le Grande bleu” by Luc Besson. But also due to the different shades of blue of the island, when the sky meets the sea and create a beautiful moment, totally photo worthy.

credit @nkisoyyoga

Be inspired and flow freely as you are always near the crystal clear Aegean sea and its healing energy.

credit @yogacaron

And you can turn the beautiful cycladic arch decors at Lalon Idor Spa in your private studio, for some beautiful yoga photography to keep.


Everywhere you go, you will feel inspired to let yourself be, to let go of any worries or stress and feel totally calm.

credit @kaliovi @miriamindries

And share these special moments with your yoga buddies.

credit @chloenickles_yoga

Practice in some of the most beautiful yoga shalas, all with complimentary yoga props.

credit @crazycraver

And enjoy the sea views from all of them.

credit @martinasergi

Be surrounded by the bright and vibrant bougainvillea.

credit @yogiman_83

And know that no matter what, in Amorgos, everything flows freely, to the rhythm of the sea and the island’s natural beauty.

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