10 reasons to visit Amorgos in 2019

Known for its welcoming hospitality, beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches, Greece has been a top summer destination for many years for people from all over the world. With over 2000 islands to choose from, there is beauty everywhere you go. On the hot list for 2019 is Amorgos, the hidden Greek gem everybody should visit. Located on the east side of the Cyclades, Amorgos is a little paradise, tucked away from the hustle and bustle. With stunning beaches to choose from, and its picturesque architecture, here are 10 reasons why Amorgos should be on your must visit list in 2019

1.Relaxation to the max

Amorgos is a fairly small island, perfect for families, couples and solo travellers. It offers tourists an abundance of privacy and relaxation, a place where you can just unwind and let go of any worries. You can relax on the beach, take a dip in the crystal-clear sea, or enjoy the breathtaking views from your hotel terrace or the local tavernas indulging in delicious fresh foods. People who come to Amorgos are usually looking for a quiet escape and here they are able to find their inner bliss with no stress or crowds. Although Amorgos welcomes many tourists every year, unlike other popular Greek islands, it’s not too crowded so you won’t have to queue up to experience the unique sites it has to offer.

2. Yoga and energy

Known for its powerful spiritual energy and beautiful vibes, Amorgos is the ideal location for yoga and meditation. Many yogis from all over the world choose the island as their main destination and Amorgos is famous for the yoga retreats held here. Surrounded by green, mountains and the sea, it’s no wonder why this island is great for self-discovery and life changing experiences. If you are a yoga enthusiast you can choose the beach for your daily practice, or you can come up to Aegialis and join in the daily classes open to both hotel guests and external incomers. Well known yoga teachers choose Amorgos as their destination for hosting their yoga retreats and you can speak with the hotel staff if you wanted to sign up to a full retreat.

3. Traditional celebrations and customs

With a fast-growing tourism rate in the last few years, Amorgos still keeps it real when it comes to its Greek customs and traditions. If you are looking to learn more about the traditional Greek celebrations, Amorgos offers plenty of this and welcomes tourists with open arms to be part of their community. During Easter, the whole island gets together to take part in the week-long rituals. Other popular traditional events involve the name days and of course Kapetanios, which you can find out about here.

4. Perfect for adventure seekers

If you love adventure and being outdoors, Amorgos offers hiking tracks that take you all the way into the mountains experiencing the island with a view from the top. You can visit the natural beauty of Amorgos by foot, soaking up the sun and filling yourself with the good energy this place has to offer. Keen runners can also enjoy the tracks or run on the main streets, which offer the perfect balance of flat and hill surfaces. You can also get involved in water sports such as diving and kayaking if you are interested in exploring the Aegean Sea to a whole new level.

5. Psimeni rakhi and organic food

Greece is famous for its delicious cuisine and most tavernas in Amorgos offer organic food, with fresh vegetables grown in their gardens, organic meat and fresh fish. For the wine connoisseurs, the pure Amorgian wine is a must try, a location specific type made at the local winery near Katapola. Rakhi is the Greek traditional drink, but in Amorgos you can experience a unique type, available only here. Using the traditional rakhi as the base but adding spices and herbs to provide more flavour, the psimeni rakhi is sweeter in taste and it’s perfect to have with meals. Be sure to add a side of saganaki or try the Amorgos goat cheese which is simply delicious.

6. Beautiful villages

Chora is the main centre of the island, surrounded by mountains and with narrow cobblestone streets. Here you will find cafes, tavernas and boutiques with authentic Amorgian products. Katapola and Aegiali are the most popular areas for tourists to come and stay whilst on the island. No matter where you find yourself in these two locations, you will almost always be footsteps away from the sea. Each one has its own port, so coming here by boat is easy. You will find ATM machines, mini markets and some small clothing shops, and of course the local bakeries which serve the yummy spinach and cheese pies and other Greek traditional savouries. Tholaria and Lagada are both beautiful villages, nearby Aegiali offering their visitors panoramic views and a true connection with nature as they are situated right in the rocky Mountains of the island.

7. Overall atmosphere

Greeks definitely know how to enjoy life to the fullest, always with a smile and up for a good time. Amorgos locals are welcoming, relaxed and very kind. They will be glad to provide you with tips for getting around the island and answer any questions you may have about sightseeing. Drinking coffee or raki at the local café is like a tradition here, so you will often see the locals together enjoying their morning coffee or a glass or rakhi at lunch. People here dine late in the evening therefore the bar culture usually begins after midnight and can go for the entire night until the sunrise.

8. Easy access

Getting to Amorgos is easy and possible by boat. You can catch the boat from Athens or other main islands, or you can fly from Athens to Naxos and then come by boat directly to Aegiali or Katapola ports. The public transport in Amorgos consists of buses mainly, although you may find a few taxis around the island. Most buses come every hour, depending on your route. There are also boat island day trips you can do and visit the other beaches. Renting a car or scooter is easy and affordable and one of the best ways to enjoy the island.

9. The beaches

Amorgos has plenty of beautiful beaches, some of the most popular being Agia Anna, Agios Pavlos, Mouros, Aegiali and Katapola. Whether you prefer sand or pebbles, everything is possible in Amorgos. You can swim in the crystal-clear water, or enjoy the beach life, relaxing on the sun loungers and under the beach umbrellas, which some of the beaches provide. Most beaches are family friendly, but there are also some nudist ones around for those who prefer no tan lines.

Hozoviotissa Monastery

10. Hozoviotissa Monastery

Located in the face of a cliff in Chora, Hozoviotissa Monastery is the most popular monument to see whilst in Amorgos and a must see for everybody visiting. Built as a tribute to Virgin Mary, the monastery is situated in a place with beautiful natural energy, a spiritual place where one can connect with the nature and the historic relevance of this amazing place. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the Monstery is open to everyone to see and experience and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Discover the beauty of Amorgos and treat yourself to a memorable summer experience for your summer of 2019.



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