The Aegialis team annual challenge

Every year, we get together as a team in nature and give back to our amazing island. The Aegialis annual team challenge is all about team work and enjoying the beautiful Amorgian surroundings we call home.


Amorgos island is a very special place and everybody who visits will absolutely agree with this. Regarded as a top location in the world for its high terrestrial magnetism, the energy here is peaceful, calm & inspiring. With a raw and unpolished look, Amorgos is home to many goats, donkeys and also over 700 species of herbs. Amongst it all, our nature deserves to be looked after and as much as we can, we should. So on this day, we go in the mountains, on the popular hiking path between Tholaria and Langada and collect rubbish. We also take aside any stones or big rocks that may have fallen from the dry-stone walls.


We start walking from the beautiful village of Tholaria, located just a short 5 minutes’ drive away from the hotel. The hiking path begins at the rear end of the village, starting with a rocky trail made by the locals of the island. This is the beginning of a wonderful mountainous journey, and one frequented by majority of tourists visiting the island. Doing something like this together is a wonderful way for some team building & enjoy the fresh air.  


Half-way through the trail, located just a few steps away from the path, you can find the small chapel of St Michael, an ideal spot for a pit stop. This is a wonderful place with great energy and where you can enjoy a quiet moment in nature and take it all in. Stroumbous is a small and very cute village which you can find on your way to Langada. And whilst it only has  a few houses, it makes it a unique experience.


One of the best aspects that comes with this hiking trail are definitely the views. Anywhere you may find yourself on the path, you will have a picturesque sight of the Aegean Sea, Aegiali bay and Nikouria island. And whilst it’s great to leave technology behind when you get in nature and want to disconnect, you will definitely want to take a camera with you and take some snaps of the views.

Hiking in Amorgos is truly a wonderful experience and we love to keep the tradition for our annual team challenge. Would you like yo join us next year?

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