6 reasons why September is the new August in Greece.

6 reasons why September is the new August in Greece.

It is true that the most common months for someone to go on holidays are June, July and August. However, September in Greece seems to be an ideal month for holidays too. What are the advantages that someone is taking by choosing September as the month of his/her holidays though?

The weather is less hot and milder.

Let’s start with the most important: besides some clouds, the sun is still up there and it warms our bodies, while the cool breeze of September gently takes care of our face. This kind of weather gives you the opportunity to make the summer even longer!

Reasonable levels of touristic activity.

The number of the people in the most popular touristic places is as high as you need in order to feel the true pace of the place you are visiting, without altering the characteristics and natural beauty of the local region.

The overall fall in average prices.

The overall fall in average prices in all hotels in Greece is a fact. Prices even in luxury hotels are now affordable. So you can either go on very cheap holidays or enjoy a luxurious stay in a very economic context.

High-quality services.

As the level of tourism is at normal levels, which means places without crowding, the quality of the services is automatically upgraded. The food comes to your table before you start starving, the waiter is at your disposal whenever you need him/her, the sellers have plenty of time to help you, the hoteliers to get you something more and the locals are more than happy to advise you.


If you had the opportunity to visit the same place twice, once in August and once in September, you could understand the difference between them. Permanent residents in touristic regions are more relaxed in September by the high season, having more free time, less stress, and therefore greater ease and willingness to demonstrate their personality and hospitality. As a consequence, you will have the chance to discover the authentic side of the place you visit.

Colors & Aesthetics.

The colour palette of Mother Nature is enriched. The shades of green, yellow, red and brown make up a harmonious scene to colour the memories of your journey. Fallen leaves create a unique natural rug, offering a completely different feel to your bare feet. Whether you are nature lover or not, you will agree that autumn has its own magic which, to your surprise, is harmonized in a wonderful way with the charm of the sea.


You will be glad to discover that Greece in September is as lively as August. Cultural events, concerts, and festivals are so often that it will be difficult for you to choose! Along with the economical accommodation that you will secure, due to the period, your escape is provided with a unique experience.

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