Elysia Shala – The blessed home

“Sometimes it is the simplicity of a space that helps us connect with our yoga practice more.”

The Elysia shala is one of the new shalas constructed at Aegialis, an elegant space overlooking the mountains and green nature, and of course, the crystal-clear sea. In Greek, the word Elysia refers to a blessed home, a space of beautiful, protected energy. We gave it this name because it reflects on the lovely feel it brings when you find yourself inside of this room.

The Elysia shala provides privacy and a quiet corner of serenity, peace with a spectacular view. Decorated with green plants and polished wooden floor, Elysia opens its doors to groups looking for a beautiful, open space area filled with blissfulness. The entire left side and the front of the shala has sliding window doors which can open completely, so that you are in contact with the fresh Amorgian breeze, always hearing the sea waves crashing on the Aegialis’s sea shores.

Although Elysia is used mostly for yoga retreats, it is also great space for conferences and workshops, dance classes and any other kind of wellness practices. The shala is fully equipped with an overhead projector, a large flat screen TV and a music speaker which can connect to a laptop or phone for an impeccable professional experience. The sun is always shinning in Amorgos and this shala is blessed everyday with the brightness of the sun rays. There is also a built in air conditioning system which can be manually managed to suit your needs of temperature.  There are large thin and thick curtains for all windows which can be used to set the mood to whatever your requirements during using this space.

Inside, you will find a bar corner, for coffee, tea and beverages, and two toilets with a powder room/open space bathroom with 2 basins and a large mirror.

*All yoga props are offered for the groups using this shala including mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets. Fresh water and glasses are provided before each session in this shala.

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