6 traditional Greek desserts to try when in Greece

Greek desserts are known for being delicious and super sweet. Sweetness is always welcome in the Greek culture, so honey is added on most desserts as well as sweet syrup. Although there are plenty of traditional delights, we thought to bring you 5 that are the most popular, traditional and did we mention, super yummy…


Tiganites – Greek Pancakes

As one of the most loved delights at the Aegialis breakfast feast, tiganites definitely made the top of the list. These yummy small pancakes are very similar to the traditional pancakes, except for the finishing touch, adding honey and walnuts. A seriously mouthwatering desert, although in Greece we have it for breakfast also with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Portokalopita – Orange cake

The orange cake is a very traditional sweet in Greece. Many tavernas will offer a piece of portokalopita as a nice gesture at the end of the meals. Made with oranges and cinnamon, this authentic Greek sweet treat is soaked in sweet syrup and served with fresh yoghurt or vanilla ice-cream.


This desert originally comes from different parts of Asia and India. Although it is made differently in each region, in Greece halva is usually made with semolina as a base. Its ingredients also include cacao, sunflower seeds and honey of course. Halva is served usually as a special dessert for special occasions or when you have guests and want to impress with a delicious sweet serving.


Melomakarona are usually served at Christmas and New Years time. They are delicious Greek cookies, friend in oil and covered in honey, hence why their name also means honey cookies. They are very sweet and are usually topped up with crushed nuts for that little bit extra deliciousness in the taste.


The perfect combination between deep friend and sweetness, loukoumades are super popular in Greece. They are deep fried dough balls, usually with honey or sweet syrup on top. Some are even sprinkled with crushed nuts or coconut flakes on top. However you decide to have them , they are totally delicious!

Pecan Cake

Although not necessarily a traditional Greek desert, the pecan cake is definitely a popular choice here. Combined with cacao, this deliciously fluffy dessert is lovely for any time of the day…because why not. At Aegialis, our resident chef makes it with a beautiful chocolate icing on top, sprinkled with more crushed nuts. YUMMY!

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