5 things you’ll love about Amorgos in 2019

If you are planning to visit Amorgos in 2019, you will no doubt love every minute spent on the island. Amorgos is a beautiful place, filled with good energy and breathtaking views. Beaches, sunshine and traditional customs are all part of the island’s heritage, offering its visitors a unique Greek experience. Every year, the island welcomes thousands of tourists from all parts of the world, leaving them with unforgettable memories and a desire to return. Whilst there are many things you can look forward to on your next visit, here are the top 5 areas you can get excited about for this year.



Amorgos summers are long, breezy and a dream for any traveller. Soaking up in the sunshine, laying by the salt water outdoor pool at Aegialis hotel or taking a dip in the in the crystal clear Aegean sea, are all favourites for the island’s visitors. The beaches are beautiful, each one with its own unique vibe. There’s plenty of sightseeing activities available on the island, such as visiting the famous Greek monument of the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, the setting of the internationally known film “The Big Blue” Agia Anna beach, the villages and plenty others. Whether you are looking to relax on your vacation, or take part in adventurous activities, you can find everything here. The temperatures can get pretty high, but the heat is not overwhelming and you can still get around the island without feeling as if you’re in a sauna. At night time, people often gather at the local beach shores to take a front row seat at the famous Amorgian sunsets, a wonderful experience bringing moments of tranquillity and peace. Some welcome the glorious moment whilst enjoying a refreshing swim in the Aegean sea, as during summer the sea is the perfect temperature for day and night time dips.




Greeks are known for their friendly hospitality but also for their traditional customs. Taking great pride in these, the locals welcome all tourists to take part in the celebrations, as they are of great importance to the culture. Easter celebrated in April is one of the most popular ones, a time of great significance for the Orthodox religion practiced here. But even those who are new to the land are welcome to experience this amazing time and join in the festivities. Throughout the year, the Amorgian locals hold several traditional celebrations in the local villages, most of which start and end with a big Greek feast, psymeni raki and the community coming together for traditional Greek dancing and socialising.



Amorgos island is a top favourite for travellers to Greece interested in hiking. There are many different trails that will take you around the island and into the wild. The good news is that it’s completely safe and apart from lizards, goats and the occasional donkeys, there is no wildlife to fear. The mountainous landscape of the island provides a great base to enjoy seaviews from any place during your hiking adventures. The trails are marked and easy to navigate through, and whilst the feeling of getting lost in the beautiful nature sounds idyllic, it’s pretty hard to get lost whilst hiking. For the experienced walking enthusiasts, there are specific paths which can take you from one side of the island to the other, just be sure to have a water bottle with you as the days can get pretty hot.



A place with so much zen energy and positive vibes, Amorgos island is the ideal environment for yoga enthusiasts and meditation practitioners. If you are a more experienced yogi, you can take your practice to the sea shores of the island, connecting with the magical views and the nature. Aegialis hotel also provides free daily yoga classes for all our guests so you can join in and explore your yoga journey, in one of the 7 yoga shalas all with seaviews. The classes are suited for all levels, beginners to experienced yogis and everybody is welcome. Most people who visit Amorgos always comment on the beautiful energy it has. It is something unique to the island and a peaceful exploration of the self together with the superb nature here.



The Mediteranean diet is famous around the world for its fresh nutritious value. Most villages in Amorgos island provide its visitors with an abundance of tavernas and local restaurants where you can experience the culinary magic of the Greek cuisine. You will find fresh fish, locally grown produce and traditional dishes such as souvlaki and many others. Whilst in Amorgos, you must experience the local cheese which is made in the island and can only be found here. And at the end of your meal, you can enjoy a glass of psimeni raki, a traditional Amorgos version of the famous Greek drink raki. Be sure to treat yourself to a delicious traditional dessert, another reason why life is so sweet in the Greek islands.

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